King Lear

A new production of Shakespeare's tragedy



Shakespeare's classic tale of treachery and betrayal illustrates the consequences of evil triumphing over truth and the vanity of old age.

King Lear....Corin Redgrave

Duke of Kent....David Troughton

Duke of Gloucester....John Carlisle

Goneril....Geraldine James

Regan....Kika Markham

Cordelia....Justine Waddell

Edmund....William Houston

Edgar....Robert Glenister

Duke of Albany....John Rowe

Duke of Cornwall....Clive Francis

Fool....Paul Copley

Oswald....Struan Rodger

King of France....Sean Baker

Old Man/Gentleman....Gavin Muir

Music specially composed by Elizabeth Parker.

Directed by Cherry Cookson


When better than now to make a drama about "the division of the kingdom"? A new production of Shakespeare's great tragedy with a Scottish cast headed by Ian McDiarmid as Lear and Bill Paterson as Gloucester.

Lear is a very old king with a dynastic problem: three daughters and no sons.

In dividing the kingdom between his children, Lear's reasoning is admirable: he wants to hand over the kingdom to his daughters so that "future strife / May be prevented now." But in doing so he sets in train a chain of events that lead to madness, self-discovery and the disintegration of the kingdom.

Music performed by Polly Phillips (bassoon) and Georgina McGrath (double bass)

Music and Sound Design by Gary C Newman.


  • Gavin Muir....gentleman
  • Corin Redgrave....lear
  • David Troughton....john carlisle of cornwall
  • Gavin Muir....old man
  • Justine Waddell
  • Paul Copley....fool
  • Sean Baker....king of france
  • Struan Rodger (oswald),
  • directed by.... Cherry Cookson
  • music by.... Elizabeth Parker