King Solomon's Mines


022017040920170415 (R4)

Tim McInnerny stars in a classic adventure - the quest for the legendary diamond mines.

Extraordinary tales from the golden age of adventure

Tim McInnerny stars as intrepid explorer Allan Quatermain in the second episode of this classic Victorian story - the impossible quest for the fabled King Solomon's Mines, set in a mythical African interior. This gripping story is a treasure hunt, a mystery, a psychological drama, and a kaleidoscope of sound.

Allan Quatermain is writing a journal for his son Harry as he believes he will never return from accompanying Sir Henry Curtis on his mission to find the fabled King Solomon's Mines, in order to find out what has happened to Sir Henry's younger brother George who set out on the same quest the year before. Quatermain, Sir Henry, Captain Good and their bearer Umbopa are being escorted to the town of Loo by Chief Infadoos to meet the blood-thirsty King Twala of the Kukuana and his witch-finder Gagool. The adventurers watch the terrifying night of the great witch hunt when countless Kukuana perish. Their mysterious bearer Umbopa is not what he seems and may be their only hope of survival and of finally finding King Solomon's Mines.

Written by Rider Haggard

Dramatised by Chris Harrald

Directed by Liz Webb

Adapter Chris Harrald's previous adaptations for Radio 4 include M.R. James' ghost stories, four series of the Edwardian detective series The Rivals and several Classic Serials, including The Lost World and Three Men in a Boat.