Klf Special [6 Music]



To mark the return of The KLF we look back at how influential and controversial they were.

The KLF are back and to celebrate the publication of their new novel, we look back on their incredibly influential and controversial career.

From burning one million pounds in cash to leaving a dead sheep at the Brit Awards, the KLF / K Foundation / Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu have never failed to shock and intrigue their fans and the music press. In this special programme, we look at how important they were, who they influenced and how they are still relevant today.

With insights from the people who worked with them and knew them, we'll find out just what makes The KLF so incredibly important in music history.

Journalist Jim Reid will tell us exactly what it was like being the only person other than the band and their friend to witness the burning of a million pounds, their long time press agent Mick Houghton will tell talk about being behind some of the most elaborate and significant "stunts" in modern music and Turner Prize winning artist Jeremy Deller will reveal what it was like to collaborate with them on a video project.

We'll also attempt to find out what the future of The KLF might be - with exclusive access to a special event held in Liverpool, to celebrate their return.