A Knot Of Secret Might


Genome: [r4 Bd=19701020]

The ill-fated love story of Lady Katherine Grey , sister of the even more ill-fated Lady Jane Grey : compiled from contemporary sources by ALISON PLOWDEN

After Elizabeth became Queen, Katherine became heiress presumptive by the terms of Henry VIII 's will. Unfortunately, she did not have the intelligence or discretion to avoid the dangers that lay ahead - dangers that were increased by her tendency to bear sons through her secret marriage to the young Earl of Hertford.



Unknown: Katherine Grey

Unknown: Lady Jane Grey

Unknown: Henry Viii

Produced By: Richard Wortley

Narrator: Stephen Thorne

Katherine Grey: Nerys Hughes

Hertford: Sean Arnold

Queen Elizabeth: Madi Hedd

William Cecil: Rolf Lefebvre

Sir Edward Warner: James Thomason

Jane Grey: Elizabeth Proud

De Feria: Walter Hall

Thomas Challoner: Charles E. Stidwill

Quadra: Garard Green

Soranzo: Godfrey Kenton

John Grey: Hector Ross