Knowing Steve, Knowing You


2015101020170617 (BBC7)

Steve Coogan talks to novelist and screenwriter Frank Cottrell Boyce.

Steve Coogan talks to the novelist and screenwriter Frank Cottrell Boyce about his life and career. Featuring new interviews from John Thomson, Henry Normal, Michael Winterbottom, Simon Greenall, Graham Duff, Sioned Wiliam and Steve Brown. "Knowing Steve, Knowing You" also features the following archive material:

* Knowing Knowing Me, Knowing You: Alan Partridge Documentary:
From 03/07/1993
The hapless host takes a fly-on-the-wall behind-the-scenes look at Pear Tree Productions.

* Nebulous - The Buzzing
From 2006.
Professor Nebulous battles against giant, murderous insects in the sci fi comedy with Mark Gatiss and guest star Steve Coogan.

*Hey, Rrradio!!! (Clip)
Steve Coogan makes his national radio debut on Radio 1 in 1988 with 'A Question of International Revolutionary Politics' in the comedy cabaret extravaganza "Hey, Rrradio!!!"

*The Word Made Fresh (Clip)
From 17/10/1988
Steve Coogan performs his early comedy creation Duncan Thickett in this curtain raiser to the first BBC Radio Young Writers Festival.

*Front Row (Clip)
From 28/10/2010
A clip of Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon talking to John Wilson about their television series "The Trip" on Radio 4's "Front Row".

Produced by Stuart Ross.