Kraftwerk - The Men Who Invented Pop [6 Music]



Lenny Kravitz continues to chart the life and career of Curtis Mayfield. The third episode, Keep On Keeping On, picks up the story in the late 70s and takes us up to his appearance at the 1983 Glastonbury Festival.

Curtis continued his work on film soundtracks with A Piece of the Action, Sparkle and Short Eyes. Towards the end of the 70's he concentrated more on producing a number of artists including Aretha Franklin's 1978 album, Almighty Fire.

In 1981, he joined the Boardwalk label, for which he recorded Honesty. He remained a highly popular live artist, particularly in Britain where (Celebrate) The Day After You, a collaboration with the Blow Monkeys, and a protest song against the Thatcher government, became a hit. We explore what he was like as a live performer and talk to the band members who played Glastonbury Festival with him in 1983.

Celebrating the influential German band Kraftwerk, Alex Kapranos tells their story.