La Princesse De Cleves [Drama On 3]


DO32010022820110508Madame de Lafayette's classic tale of intrigue and love dramatised by Jo Clifford.

Madame de Lafayette's classic tale of intrigue and love translated and freely dramatised by Jo Clifford.

Set in the 16th Century, the play follows the life of a beautiful young lady newly presented to Court.

It's the reign of Henri II and Mary Queen of Scots is safely ensconced in France.

It's a time of dangerous liaisons when one step out of line could ruin a woman and her family.

Quickly married off, the naïve Princess finds herself admired and taunted by those around her.

And, whilst they gossip cruelly, she becomes helplessly and dangerously caught up in matters of love.

Playfully adapted, this radio dramatisation offsets the Princess's painful conflict between duty and love with characters who delight in the wickedness of their world.

La Princesse - Melody Grove

Her Mother - Candida Benson

Clèves - Liam Brennan

Nemours - Robin Laing

Guise - Laurie Brown

Marie Stuart - Meg Fraser

Chorus 1 - Irene MacDougall

Chorus 2 - Ralph Riach

Chrous 3 - Crawford Logan

Director: Kirsty Williams.