For most of his life, 26-year-old Proinsias O'Coinn, has thought that there's something wrong with him.

Ever since he was a teenager he's been trying to find a song, a film, a poem or any piece of art that could make him cry.

When friends would be moved to tears by a weepy film or a sad song, Proinsias would look on in envy, wishing it could have the same effect on him. You see in his head, being able to cry at a piece of art would allow him to appreciate and engage with it like everyone else.

He's come close on a number of occasions. Like when Jean Grey kills Professor X in X-Men 3 or when listening to the Adele song 'One and Only'. But it's the sheer joy at these moments; that this could be it, this could be the time he's finally able to cry, that stops the tears from coming. It's like the sneeze that comes tantalisingly close but just never happens.

So Proinsias is on a mission to find a piece of art that has the power to make him cry. But as he embarks on this very personal journey, he finds himself facing up to far bigger questions about himself and who he is.

Producer: Conor Garrett.