The Lady Chatterley Trial - Regina V Penguin Books Ltd


Genome: [r4 Bd=19930628]

Compiled by Jack Emery from the original transcript, and presented by Helena Kennedy.

October 20 1960 at the Old Bailey, Court

No 1, saw the start of one of the most important and controversial trials of the English legal system. Was DH Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Loverjust a dirty book or was it literature? For some the verdict ushered in the permissive society.

Director John Theocharis

Genome: [r4 Bd=19930628]

Unknown: Jack Emery

Presented By: Helena Kennedy.

Director: John Theocharis

Mr Justice Byrne: Richard Vernon

Menyn Griffith-Jones QC: John Shrapnel

Gerald Gardiner QC: Frederick Treves

Jeremy Hutchinson: John Rowe

Clerkofthe Court: Jack Emery

Graham Hough: Denis Hall

Helen Gardner: Margaret Courtenay

Joan Bennett: Marcia King

Bishop of Woolwich: Michael Kilgarriff

Rev Hopkinson: Christopher Good

Richard Hoggart: Terry Molloy

EM Forster: Danny Schiller

Roy Jenkins: Denis Lill

Dr Cj Hemming: David Neal

Norman St john Stevas: Nicholas Gilbrook

Jack Lambert: John Samson

Sir Allen Lane: Norman Bird

Dilys Powell: Susan Sheridan

John Connell: John Church

Bernadine AL Wall: Jane Slavin