Lambeth Palace



Dark comedy by Christopher William Hill imagining the politics behind the scenes in the run-up to the selection of a fictional Archbishop of Canterbury.

How far will an ultra-Establishment conservative and a barely-believing liberal go to win the top job in the Church of England?

Michael Lombard....Alex Jennings

  • alicia latham....Susan Jameson
  • anthony taylor....Sam Dale
  • cardinal daeneker....Malcolm Tierney
  • claudia....caroline guthrie
  • david channing....Geoffrey Whitehead
  • grace lombard....phoebe nicholls
  • jade....Lizzy Watts

    with Kirsty Wark and jonathan dimbleby as themselves.

    other parts played by Janice Acquah, Matt Addis and Paul Rider.

    directed by Mary Peate.

    comedy by Christopher William Hill about the appointment of a new archbishop of canterbury

  • patrick latimer....Murray Melvin
  • robin....Jonathan Tafler
  • russell graves....Stephen Hogan
  • seb....benjamin askew
  • simon brooker....Philip Fox