SD2014110120151107 (R4)

Dramatisation of Alasdair Gray's cult classic by Robin Brooks with Alasdair Gray.

First published in 1981, Lanark changed the face of Scottish literature for a generation and propelled the visual artist Alasdair Gray into the literary limelight.

It's a modern masterpiece that spans three worlds in four books, and tells the connected stories of Duncan Thaw - a student at Glasgow's Art School in the 1950s - and Lanark - a man who wakes to find himself in an unspecified period in the strange yet familiar place, Unthank.

Unthank is a city with no sun and no sense of time. It's an endless present, but there are ways to escape - people disappear mysteriously, others succumb to the strange diseases this peculiar form of hell generates. Lanark's escape will take him into another circle of hell where he'll hear the story of a life that was once his and where the life he now lives will change forever.

Starring Sandy Grierson, Melody Grove and Siobhan Redmond, with a guest appearance by Alasdair Gray.

Directed by Kirsty Williams.