The Language Of Heaven - Stories From The Welsh

Five stories of contemporary Welsh life, translated by Meic Stephens.


01Going In2001031920020224

by Meg Elis.

Bethan wonders if she should tidy her house before going to prison.

Read by Mari Gwilym.

02Dear Mr Atlas2001032020020303

A chance encounter with a hunk makes Elen reassess her weedy boyfriend. Read by Eiry Thomas. By Angharad Jones.

03A White Afternoon2001032120020310

by Sonia Edwards.

On her mother's wedding day, Mari helps her to dress.

Read by Siriol Jenkins

04The Woman Next Door2001032220020317

By Angharad Price. When a teetotal grandfather dies, surprising truths are revealed by a neighbour. Read by Caryl Parry Jones.

05 LASTNext Door To Avalon2001032320020324

By Mared Lewis. Meriel's plan to get a green card to work in LA doesn't turn out as expected. Read by Jennifer Vaughan.