The Last Days Of Michael Legge


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In an increasingly rude world, where people drop litter, play music too loudly or shout into their phones, don’t you wish you could just stop for a second and tell them to remember their manners? Well don’t. It’ll get you into a whole world of trouble. Just ask Michael Legge.

Legendary (well, we’ve heard some stories…) circuit comedian, podcaster and occasionally very angry Lewisham resident, Michael Legge gets his BBC Radio 4 debut.

All he wants is for people to be thoughtful of others - kindness and respect for all mankind. And in pursuing that, he ends up first losing his temper, then his mind, and becoming the rudest man on Earth.

Michael - Michael Legge
Neal - Dan Mersh

Image credit: Linda Blacker

Written by Michael Legge and Dan Mersh
Producer: Steve Doherty
A Giddy Goat production for BBC Radio 4

Stand-up from possibly the angriest comedian in the UK.