The Last Wish Of A Prince



Hardeep Singh Kohli follows the campaign trail to have Maharaja Duleep Singh's remains exhumed and returned to India. If successful, this will be history in the making as the dying wishes of the Prince will finally be granted, as some in the Sikh community believe.

Maharaja Duleep Singh, the last Maharaja of the Sikh Empire, was befriended by Queen Victoria during the British Raj. In his later years he was stopped by the British Government from returning to India and he died alone in Paris. His body was brought back to Britain and buried in Elveden in Suffolk.

Now a Sikh charity want his body to be returned to India and to carry out what they claim was the last wish of a Prince. But, as Hardeep Singh Kohli discovers, their campaign is proving highly controversial as the evidence for his last wishes is not clear cut at all.

Producer: Perminder Khatkar.