Late Junction [Summary]


Late Junction At North Atlantic Flux20170503 (R3)

Max Reinhardt20170502 (R3)
20170504 (R3)
20170510 (R3)

Max Reinhardt With Gabriel Prokofiev20170509 (R3)

Max Reinhardt With Midori Takada's Mixtape20170511 (R3)

Nick Luscombe20170518 (R3)

Nick Luscombe With Ayanna Witter-johnson And Hejira20170524 (R3)

Nick Luscombe With Julie Byrne And Tomaga20170523 (R3)

The Late Junction Mixtape With Billy Jenkins20170428 (R3)

The Late Junction Mixtape With Ikonika20170526 (R3)

Verity Sharp20170419 (R3)
20170425 (R3)
20170517 (R3)

Verity Sharp With Andy Votel20170420 (R3)

Verity Sharp With John Grant20170426 (R3)

Verity Sharp With Unequal Temperaments20170516 (R3)