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[R4 BD=19960313]

11.00 New series

A four-part comedy series which pays homage to the cult action adventure shows of the sixties and seventies.

1: The Preventers. A threesome of international troubleshooters. Written by and starring Morwenna Banks , Chris England and Robert Harley. With Ed Devereaux , Desmond Llewelyn ,

Neil Mullarkey , John Irwin and Emma Myant. Music by Peter Baikie. Producer Phil Clarke * See This Week: page 10

[R4 BD=19960313]

Unknown: Morwenna Banks

Unknown: Robert Harley.

Unknown: Ed Devereaux

Unknown: Desmond Llewelyn

Unknown: Neil Mullarkey

Unknown: John Irwin

Unknown: Emma Myant.

Music By: Peter Baikie.

Producer: Phil Clarke