Late Night Opening My Booze Hell, By Little Johnny Cartilage


Genome: [r4 Bd=19961009]The not-very-true autobiography of seventies idol Little Johnny Cartilage, written by and starring Johnny Meres. 2: Sugar Der Der Der Der Der Der, Ah Honey, Honey. With Melvyn Bragg ,

Ben Miller , Peter Serafinowicz , Geoff McGivern , Rosemary Martin and Deborah Berlin.

Producer Gareth Edwards

11.15 New series 1690 and All That

The search for the answer to the Irish question is premature. An ancient book searches for the actual question. Written by Charlie Warmington. Narrated by Gordon Fulton. Producer Stephen Price

11.30 Control Group Six

First instalment of a four-part sketch show-cum-psychological thriller set in a company town with a high murder rate. Written and performed by Richard Bean , Apdrew Clifford and Clive Coleman. With Geraldine Rtzgerald and Mandy Knight. Producer Colin Swash Repeat

Genome: [r4 Bd=19961009] Unknown: Little Johnny

Unknown: Johnny Meres

Unknown: Melvyn Bragg

Unknown: Ben Miller

Unknown: Peter Serafinowicz

Unknown: Geoff McGivern

Unknown: Rosemary Martin

Unknown: Deborah Berlin.

Producer: Gareth Edwards

Written By: Charlie Warmington.

Unknown: Gordon Fulton.

Producer: Stephen Price

Unknown: Richard Bean

Unknown: Apdrew Clifford

Unknown: Clive Coleman.

Unknown: Geraldine Rtzgerald

Unknown: Mandy Knight.

Producer: Colin Swash