Late Night Theatre: First Forum


[R4 BD=19970510]

Tamara Griffith 's play takes the form of a documentary tackling one of the most controversial issues of modern times - genetic engineering.

On the west coast of Scotland, a community of hermaphrodites live in seclusion, until journalists arrive. with Sharon Muircroft. John Padden ,

John Griffin , Ken Bradshaw , Laura Richmond , John Jardine and Jeffrey Robert

Producer Kate Rowland Repeat

[R4 BD=19970510]

Unknown: Tamara Griffith

Unknown: Sharon Muircroft.

Unknown: John Padden

Unknown: John Griffin

Unknown: Ken Bradshaw

Unknown: Laura Richmond

Unknown: John Jardine

Unknown: Jeffrey Robert

Producer: Kate Rowland

Ruth: Sue Johnston

Nick: Andrew Schofield

Lesley: Amelia Bullmore