Late Night Theatre: Wateriand


[R4 BD=19970830]

Graham Swift 's story, dramatised in three parts by Steve Chambers.

Adieu and Goodnight. History teacher

Tom Crick concludes the strange watery stories of his family Fenland history. with Sean Baker. Peter Gunn , Chris Pavlo. Colleen Prendergast , Christopher Scott , Joanne Hildon , Andrew Branch. Jilly Bond , Mark Bonnar. Hugh Dickson and Ann Beach Director David Hunter Repeat

[R4 BD=19970830]

Unknown: Graham Swift

Unknown: Steve Chambers.

Unknown: Tom Crick

Unknown: Sean Baker.

Unknown: Peter Gunn

Unknown: Chris Pavlo.

Unknown: Colleen Prendergast

Unknown: Christopher Scott

Unknown: Joanne Hildon

Unknown: Andrew Branch.

Unknown: Jilly Bond

Unknown: Mark Bonnar.

Unknown: Hugh Dickson

Unknown: Ann Beach

Director: David Hunter

Tom: Roy Marsden

Young Tom: Tom Bevan

Mary Crick: Deborah Findlay

Young Mary: Lesley Carvello