Late Night Theatre: Waterland


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By Graham Swift , dramatised in three parts by Steve Chambers.

2: The Saviour of the World. History teacher Tom Crick continues to tell the watery stories of his family history. with Deborah Rndlay , Lesley Carvello , Sean Baker , Peter Gunn , Alan Blyton , Chris Pavlo , Colleen Prendergast , Alex Lowe , Christopher Scott , Peter Tuddenham , Stephen Critchlow , Joanne Hildon , loan Meredith . Andrew Branch. Hugh Dickson , Jilly Bond , Mark Bonnar , Gerard McDermott and John Hartley Director David Hunter Repeat

[R4 BD=19970823]

Unknown: Graham Swift

Unknown: Steve Chambers.

Unknown: Tom Crick

Unknown: Deborah Rndlay

Unknown: Lesley Carvello

Unknown: Sean Baker

Unknown: Peter Gunn

Unknown: Alan Blyton

Unknown: Chris Pavlo

Unknown: Colleen Prendergast

Unknown: Alex Lowe

Unknown: Christopher Scott

Unknown: Peter Tuddenham

Unknown: Stephen Critchlow

Unknown: Joanne Hildon

Unknown: Loan Meredith

Unknown: Andrew Branch.

Unknown: Hugh Dickson

Unknown: Jilly Bond

Unknown: Mark Bonnar

Unknown: Gerard McDermott

Unknown: John Hartley

Director: David Hunter

Tom: Roy Marsden

Young Tom: Tom Bevan