Late Night Theatre Woridplay: City Of Hands


[R4 BD=19970621]

Anthony Minghella introduces a six-week festival of international radio drama.

City of Hands, by Stephen Bain and Deborah Tucker , was first broadcast on New Zealand Public Radio. with Nicola Murphy , Roy Ward , Dra McKay. John Wraight , Grace Hoepe , Timothy Barlett and Eryn Wilson. Director Carol Dee

[R4 BD=19970621]

Introduces: Anthony Minghella

Unknown: Stephen Bain

Unknown: Deborah Tucker

Unknown: Nicola Murphy

Unknown: Roy Ward

Unknown: John Wraight

Unknown: Grace Hoepe

Unknown: Timothy Barlett

Unknown: Eryn Wilson.

Director: Carol Dee

Alice: Geraldine Brophy

Rees: Peter Kaa