Late Night Theatre Worldplay: Dragon Island


[R4 BD=19970628]

The second of six international radio plays, introduced by Anthony Minghella. First broadcast on Radio Television

Hong Kong, Dragon Island by Dino Mahoney tells the story of Jade, who falls down a shaft in Wales and emerges in Hong Kong on the back of a dragon. with Tony Sweeting. Clare Dewick ,

Karen Dewick. Violetta Gorsheski. Brenda Scofield , Michael North. Jonathan Douglas , Simon Broad. Wu Chi Kuen, Corazon Amaya Canyete.

Pauline Burton and Dino Mahoney Director Jonathan Douglas

[R4 BD=19970628]

Introduced By: Anthony Minghella.

Unknown: Dino Mahoney

Unknown: Tony Sweeting.

Unknown: Clare Dewick

Unknown: Karen Dewick.

Unknown: Violetta Gorsheski.

Unknown: Brenda Scofield

Unknown: Michael North.

Unknown: Jonathan Douglas

Unknown: Corazon Amaya Canyete.

Unknown: Pauline Burton

Unknown: Dino Mahoney

Director: Jonathan Douglas

Jade Jones: Angharad James

Mother/Bar girl/Great secretary: Lizzy Lui

Narrator 1: Chow War Keung