The Latin Americans

Linda Pressly presents the first in a new series about prominent Latin Americans.


0101Laura Bozzo20031014

This week looking at Laura Bozzo who is queen of trash television and Peru's answer to Jerry Springer

0102Hermeto Pascoal20031021

The Brazilian jazz musician Hermeto Pascoal has been called a wizard and an alchemist because of his ability to mix and move between genres. Linda Pressly meets him at his home in Rio de Janeiro.

0103Rafael Alfonzo20031028

Rafael Alfonzo is a Venezuelan businessman who says he has been driven into politics by the antics of the leftist president, Hugo Chavez. Linda Pressly meets him in Caracas.

0104Benedita Da Silva20031104

Linda Pressly looks at Benedita da Silva, who rose from the slums of Rio de Janeiro to President Lula da Silva's cabinet.

0105 LASTRodolfo Coria20031111

Argentina's biggest dinosaur find was excavated by Rodolfo Coria. Linda Pressly meets this young and dynamic palaeontologist in Patagonia.