Latin Shorts

A week of stories that tap into the vibrant energy of South American cities.


LS01The Wardrobe, The Old Man And Death2000032720000604by Julio Ramon Ribeyro, read by Anton Lesser. A huge, mirrored wardrobe, central to family life, is damaged in a football game, bringing the narrator's childhood to an abrupt end.
LS02The Queen2000032820000611by Jose Emilio Pacheco, read by Gemma Saunders. Adelina dreams of becoming the next carnival queen, but then reality intrudes and spoils her carefully laid plans.
LS03Don't Tell Her You Love Her2000032920000618by Senel Paz, read by Joseph McFadden.

A passionate story about politics and young love set against the backdrop of the newly formed Cuban Republic.

LS04Love2000033020000625by Clarice Lispector, read by Haydn Gwynne. Anna thought she had left the rebelliousness of her youth behind, but then the chance sighting of a blind man chewing gum throws her world into disarray.
LS05 LASTTaxi Driver Minus Robert De Niro2000033120000702by Fernando Ampuero, read by Stephen Tompkinson. A taxi driver desperate to make some extra money is introduced to the bizarre trade of selling drunks to the highest bidder.