By Ben Cottam. Dr Dace Zake gets to grips with life in a medical centre in Blackpool.

An offbeat comic drama series by Ben Cottam following the experiences of Latvian locum Dr Dace Zake - mistakenly hired in the belief she speaks Polish - in a beleaguered medical centre in the deprived South Shore area of Blackpool.

It's Dr Dace Zake's first day working at the medical centre. She's late, which incurs the wrath of Jan the receptionist and she encounters a man throwing up into a carrier bag outside the surgery. Not a good start to the day.

Writer.Ben Cottam
Director Alison Crawford.


By Ben Cottam. Dace meets Jack, a young heroin addict from Birmingham.


By Ben Cottam. Dace considers playing bingo and helps a widower who has become confused.


By Ben Cottam. Dace encounters a fortune teller who hasn't foreseen type 2 diabetes.

By Ben Cottam. Dace's first patient of the day is a fortune teller who has foreseen everything apart from type 2 diabetes. She's considering making her position at the medical centre a permanent one, but then has an unpleasant experience with a patient who is unhappy to be seen by a foreign doctor.

Director....Alison Crawford.


By Ben Cottam. A teenage girl comes to the surgery fearing she is pregnant.