Arnold Brown Live20040929 BT=2300 (BBC7)
20040930 BT=0430 (BBC7)

Arnold Brown takes a new look at comic timing.

Ben Elton Live. Part Two20041124 BT=2300 (BBC7)
20041125 BT=0430 (BBC7)

Ben Elton takes aim at communal fridges, motorway shops, household chores and government policy on Antarctica.

Ben Elton Part One20041117 BT=2300 (BBC7)
20041118 BT=0430 (BBC7)

Ben Elton takes an alternative look at cars, trains and sex. You have been warned.

Jo Brand Live From Bristol20041110 BT=2300 (BBC7)
20041111 BT=0430 (BBC7)

Civil war in Yugoslavia, that's not going to get the washing up done or the beds made. This is Jo Brand - you have been warned.

Jo Brand. Brand New20041020 BT=2300 (BBC7)
20041021 BT=0430 (BBC7)

Jo Brand with more humour about her favourite topics such as food, food, men, oh and food.

Mark Maier Live20041201 BT=2300 (BBC7)
20041202 BT=0430 (BBC7)

Mark Maier in his stand up show recorded at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Milton Jones Live20041013 BT=2300 (BBC7)
20041014 BT=0430 (BBC7)

Milton Jones with his surreal outlook on life.

Norman Lovett20041027 BT=2300 (BBC7)
20041028 BT=0430 (BBC7)

The Red Dwarf star Norman Lovett with his gentle, laid back stand up.

Will Durst, Myth America20041006 BT=2300 (BBC7)
20041007 BT=0430 (BBC7)

America's top satirical comedian presents a stand-up show focusing on the social and political issues of the day... in 1996.