Laughter In The Dark (drama)



by Vladimir Nabokov.

Dramatised by Craig Higginson.

Set in Berlin, in a period moving inexorably towards the Second World War, this is the story of the downfall of a middle-aged married man who becomes infatuated with a young woman he meets in the cinema.

She uses him with startling callousness and ultimately destroys him.

This darkly erotic dramatisation comes to vivid life as events unfold in the mind of a man who becomes blind and can only guess at the gross betrayals inflicted on him by a younger and more ruthless generation.

Albert Albinus....Roger Allam Margot Peters....Claire Price Axel Rex....Alan Cox Elizabeth....Geraldine Alexander Irma....Lauren Bird Frieda....Sarah Badel Otto....Dale Rapley Karl Schwarz....Ewan Bailey Doctor....David Shaw-Parker Chambermaid....Tracy WilesHoward Davidson (composer) Directed by Maria Aitken