Le Grand Meaulnes [Classic Serial]

Set in rural France at the turn of the 20th century.



Augustin Meaulnes is a new arrival at the village school run by Francois Seurel's parents.

  • additional cast - caroline hunt, and Jenny Coverack
  • augustin meaulnes....Stuart Mcloughlin
  • directed by - Sara Davies
  • dramatised by.... - jennifer howarth

  • frantz de galais....arran glass
  • jasmin delouche....fraser burrows
  • lawyer....david collins
  • m.

    de galais....andrew hilton

  • marie-louise....Sarah Counsell
  • millie....Jenny Coverack
  • monsieur seurel....jonathan nibbs
  • narrator (francois seurel)....Simon Russell Beale
  • uncle florentin....chris donelly
  • young francois....Oliver Hembrough
  • yvonne de galais....sophie ladds
  • with.... - peter nolan, caroline hunt, pameli benham, chris donelly and david collins
  • by.... - alain-fournier

  • 02 LAST2005082820050903

    Francois Seurel, whose best friend Augustin Meaulnes has despaired of finding again the magical lost domain and the beautiful girl he fell in love with there.

    Meaulnes has gone to Paris to search for her, leaving Francois to settle back into his studies.