Le Jazz Hot

Four programmes in which Russell Davies explores the history of jazz in France - a country where jazz has flourished and where visiting musicians have received a consistently warm welcome.


01C'est Paris1998050219980508The First World War brings jazz to France, and the early jazz travellers arrive in Paris. Ravel takes jazz lessons from the brilliant multi-instrumentalist Leo Vauchant.
02Hot Club Swing1998050919980515The Quintet of the Hot Club de France gives French jazz an identity and Django Reinhardt backs a new wave of visiting American soloists. A schism occurs between the intellectual sponsors of French Jazz, Charles Delaunay and Hugues Parnassie.
03Dans Les Rues D'antibes1998051619980522Emerging from the subterfuges of the Occupation, French jazz welcomes the world at the festivals of Paris and Nice. Sidney Bechet is adopted as an honorary Frenchman, and intellectual cafe society begins its curious flirtation with jazz music.
04 LASTRound Midnight1998052319980529Struggling to maintain its identity in jazz, France founds its own national jazz orchestra. Even when local inspiration fails, Paris maintains its old reputation as a generous host to jazz of all styles.