Leapers20160228Commissioned to mark Leap Day, Richard Beard's story follows Martin Pitter as he decides to go for a walk along Beachy Head on 29th February 2016, to contemplate the implications of this extra day.

Written by Richard Beard

Read by Stuart McLoughlin

Produced by Jill Waters

A Waters Company production for BBC Radio 4.

Our Italics20160306The idea of 'leap' can include conceptual leaps of faith, or hope, as well as the crossing over from one side to another. Stuart Evers explores the stages or leaps in a child's development and in particular that first momentous occasion when a parent recognises that his child has told a deliberate untruth.

From then on, the parent learns about the lies and loves of their offspring and, in this story, a single parent father reflects on what he has learned from his daughter.

Written by by Stuart Evers

Read by Anton Lesser

Produced by Lizzie Davies

A Waters Company production for BBC Radio 4.