Leave 'em Laughing: The Roy Castle Story





In the concluding part of his tribute to the entertainer Roy Castle, Bernard Cribbins describes how Roy picked himself up after the disappointment of America, and returned to the UK to resume his career in radio and then television.

A lucky break led to his being offered the chance to present a new show, in which he could display his singing, dancing and daredevil talents to his heart's content. Record Breakers ran for more than twenty years with Roy at the helm.

After being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in 1992, Roy went public about his disease with a long campaign against the dangers of passive smoking, to which he attributed his illness, following his many years of performing in smoke-filled clubs. But Roy Castle was never a whiner, and is remembered now as much for his contribution to the history of entertainment as for his fight against a devastating and ultimately preventable disease.





1/2. Actor Bernard Cribbins pays tribute to his friend, the entertainer Roy Castle.

Roy is best-remembered for his long-running television series Record Breakers, but what's less well known is his experience in variety and his popularity in America. The Castle family owns unique recordings of this versatile and fondly-remembered performer, including a 13-year-old Roy singing I'm Only a Strolling Vagabond.

Cribbins describes Roy's early years as stooge to Frank Randle and Jimmy James in the clubs of the northern variety circuit, and relates how he was once invited to play trumpet for Frank Sinatra in Las Vegas.

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