Legend Of The Holyrood Vampires


01Victoria Arrives In Auld Reekie20131028


A Halloween treat for BBC Radio Scotland! Starring Greg McHugh, Ford Kiernan, Karen Dunbar, Cariad Lloyd and Gavin Mitchell, Legend of the Holyrood Vampires is a Victorian vampire yarn with a modern edge set in Edinburgh in 1844, the year of the Scott Monument's erection. Victoria Van Helsing - a 18th Century Buffy the vampire slayer played by Cariad Lloyd (2011 Best Newcomer nominee at the Fosters Edinburgh Comedy Awards) - has returned to the city of her forebears to destroy the dreadful Grafin Von Schwartzbergen, a centuries-old vampire who seeks to turn Scotland's Capital into a city of dreadful night...working on the assumption that no one would really notice.

As it's August in Auld Reekie, the only accommodation Victoria can find is in Madame MacLaverty's Tea and Sundries Parlour - a resort for many gentlemen callers who enjoy the odd apple charlotte or even a double ├ęclair with its enthusiastic and limber girls. Also in Edinburgh we find Hughie Strang, an Affliction Assessor. (Played by Greg McHugh, Gary: Tank Commander, Fresh Meat) He travels the city in search of paupers so afflicted that they are deserving of assistance - it's sometimes tricky to find people sufficiently afflicted who aren't also dead such is the stringent nature of the Victorian benefits system. As more and more of the city's denizens become vampires Hughie - who is terrified of women and who screams like a girl - finds himself caught up in Victoria's quest, being saved from certain death on a regular basis, fired from his job and inspected for vampire bites in a personal way.

Also stars Gabriel Quigley and Sally Reid.

In this opening episode Victoria Van Helsing arrives in Edinburgh with a mission to rid the city of an invasion of blood sucking vampires

Overflow and notes:

Episode 1 credits:

Victoria Van Helsing: Cariad Lloyd

Madame MacLaverty: Karen Dunbar

Mysterious Gentleman: Ford Kiernan

Grafin Von Schwartzbergen: Gabriel Quigley

Hughie Strang: Greg McHugh

Rainford: Gavin Mitchell

Bella: Sally Reid

Senga: Molly Vevers

Written by AL Kennedy

Produced by Gus Beattie

Legend of the Holyrood Vampires is a Comedy Unit production for BBC Radio Scotland.

02The Undead Curse Starts To Bite!20131029
03The Evil Grafin Curse Takes Hold20131030

A Victorian vampire yarn set in Edinburgh in 1844, written by AL Kennedy.

04 LASTVictoria Must Defeat The Queen Vampire20131031

A Victorian vampire yarn set in Edinburgh in 1844, written by AL Kennedy.