A story about an unlikely friendship across the cultural divide between a risk-taking Somali woman and a cautious undercover cop. They have more in common than they realise. When Kate sets out to gather evidence about a Somali drug-dealing ex con, she assumes the identity of an academic researching into the hidden Manchester Somali community. Her gateway in to the culture is Leila, a flippant, fun-loving young British Somali. Leila takes her to meet Somali families, whilst making drops for her boyfriend Khalid: Kate's target. In spite of herself, Kate is very drawn to Leila. She's fun, slightly crazy, and it turns out, deeply troubled. They become friends although it's clear neither are revealing their true selves to the other. Kate is charmed and intrigued by Leila who invites her to dinner with her mum and brother, takes her clubbing and arranges a memorable evening in a shisha bar. Kate's focus shifts from professional to personal: Khalid is still her mark, but now she wants to protect Leila. Especially when she realises Leila's real troubles stem from her mental ill-health - a subject that is deeply taboo in the Somali community.

Yusra Warsama stars as Leila and Jessica Baglow as Kate in Leila's Shame, scripted and directed by Alessana Hall.

Scripted and directed by Alessana Hall

Produced by Melanie Harris

Exec producer: Jo Meek

Sound design: Eloise Whitmore

A Sparklab Production for BBC Radio 4.