Leni - The Life And Work Of Leni Riefenstahl

Steven Bach's biography of the controversial film maker.

Read by Kenneth Branagh, abridged by Libby Spurrier.


01I Must Meet That Man20070416A stubborn schoolgirl, Leni infuriates her father by dancing on stage.
02Heil Caesar20070417Leni has a date with Adolf Hitler and finds him unexpectedly modest.

He makes her an offer she cannot refuse.

03Triumph Of The Will20070418Leni successfully combines propaganda with art and follows her first major success with Olympia, the brilliant film of the 1936 Berlin games.
04Total War20070419Leni's move into war photography is a failure.

Returning to movie-making, she organises a grotesque casting session at a concentration camp.

05 LASTLeni Meets The Nuba20070420The director's career is resurrected as a highly regarded photographer of African tribespeople.