20051208Mark Radcliffe sketches a portrait of the iconic figure of John Lennon and examines his musical legacy, both with and without the Beatles. Part of the BBC's John Lennon season.
Lennon: A Week In The Life20100524By Dick Clement and Ian la Frenais, adapted by Lizzie Nunnery

December 1980.

When just forty people turn up to John Lennon's memorial service in Liverpool, his old friend and promoter Sam Leach is forced to act.


Sam Leach - Tony Maudsley

Joan Leach - Joanna Monro

Debbie Leach - Lauren O'Neil

Janine Hobday - Laura dos Santos

Morris Tate - Bruce Alexander

Clive Inch - Craige Els

Kenny Stratton - John Shortell

Carol Stratton - Alison Pettitt

Billy Butler - Traynor - John Biggins

Jonesy - David Seddon

Homeless man - Rufus Wright

Wooldridge - Nigel Hastings

Directed by Jessica Dromgoole

Tony Maudsley stars in Dick Clement and Ian la Frenais' tribute to a man, a town, a moment.

John Lennon, Liverpool, December 1980.

The play draws together fragments of reportage from the time, interviews with Lennon himself, the true story of Sam Leach, the Beatles' first promoter, some of the greatest music of the twentieth century, with the fictional stories of two lost young people whose lives were transformed by the concert, and Liverpool's own Billy Butler, recreating his earlier self, to create a joyous celebration of life, music and community.

Part of the Eighties Season, with Greed All About It by Ian Hislop and Nick Newman and The End of the World by Daniel Brocklehurst.