Lenny Henry - Rogue's Gallery


0101I Never Forget A Face20160518

Lenny Henry's Rogues Gallery is a series of comic monologues with twists-in-the-tale, written and performed by Lenny Henry. Episode 1 is the story of a modern day miracle, as witnessed by a blind man.

0102The Birthing Project20160525

Rogues Gallery is a series of comic monologues with twists-in-the-tale, written and performed by Lenny Henry. In this episode an alien updates his governing council on a research trip to Earth that ended in disaster.

0103Man's Red Flower20160601

A series of comic monologues with twists-in-the-tale, written by Lenny Henry. In this episode, a researcher talks of her relationship with a brilliant scientist and his ground-breaking work on monkeys: experiments which yield miraculous results.

0104 LASTMoone Sisters20160608

Another twist-in-the-tail story from Lenny Henry. Set in World War II, he plays an American GI serving in Cornwall whose relationship with a local woman - who runs a cafe deep in the woods - will change his life forever.

01XMASThe Rogues Gallery At Christmas: Kobbolovski's Little Helper20161228

The Rogues Gallery At Christmas sees Lenny Henry writing and starring in his own twist-in-the-tale story, "Kobbolovski's Little Helper". In it he plays a Kenyan of restricted height, called A'dele, who is compelled by a voice to migrate to Kent, where he finds work as a healthcare assistant at an old people's home. He is happy there. He is able to work with other people of restricted height, and is surrounded by plenty of great facilities, including a well resourced workshop. But soon the seasons change, the cold bites and his routine is upset by the arrival of an old, skinny man who A'dele must make every effort to look after...

"Kobbolovski's Little Helper" is written by and stars Lenny Henry.

It is produced by Sam Michell

It is a BBC Studios Production.

0201Left Hand Of God20171115

Lenny Henry writes and stars as a family butcher whose son is a musical prodigy.

Lenny Henry writes and stars in a darkly comic story about Stan Clayton who has been a butcher all his life and hopes his sons will follow in his footsteps. But when one of them brings home a cherry red Stratocaster one day, it seems that Stan's plans are for the chopping block.

Producer - Sam Michell
It is a BBC Studios Production.


Tanya Moodie plays a frustrated artist given a robot butler in this darkly comic tale.

0203Lemar's Clean Sheet20171129

Another macabre tale from Lenny Henry in which a mechanic naively joins the Klu Klux Klan.

0204Murder Men20171206

Phil Hedley is a 'tough guy' actor who takes a job presenting documentaries on gangs.

Another darkly comic tale from the mind of Sir Lenny Henry, who plays Phil Hedley, an actor known for his "tough guy" roles. When Phil is suddenly cut from his hit cop drama "Tough Diamonds", for getting too close to the executive producer's daughter, the work dries up and he is forced to take a job fronting documentaries on gangs for niche cable channel Man Planet. But although Phil acts the tough guy, when is finds himself interviewing a drug lord in the middle of the Jamaican bush, it turns out he might not actually be as tough as he first thought...

Written by and starring Sir Lenny Henry

Produced by Sam Michell.