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The Rogues Gallery at Christmas2016122820181212 (R4)

The Rogues Gallery At Christmas sees Lenny Henry writing and starring in his own twist-in-the-tale story, "Kobbolovski's Little Helper". In it he plays a Kenyan of restricted height, called A'dele, who is compelled by a voice to migrate to Kent, where he finds work as a healthcare assistant at an old people's home. He is happy there. He is able to work with other people of restricted height, and is surrounded by plenty of great facilities, including a well resourced workshop. But soon the seasons change, the cold bites and his routine is upset by the arrival of an old, skinny man who A'dele must make every effort to look after...

"Kobbolovski's Little Helper" is written by and stars Lenny Henry.

It is produced by Sam Michell

It is a BBC Studios Production

Lenny Henry delivers another twist-in-the-tale story with a Christmas theme

Darkly comic tales written by Lenny Henry.

01Man's Red Flower2016060120181128 (R4)

Monica Dolan stars in this tale about a scientist who discovers a miraculous serum.

Darkly comic tales written by Lenny Henry.

01Moone Sisters2016060820181205 (R4)

Lenny Henry stars as a young GI serving in Cornwall during World War II

Darkly comic tales written by Lenny Henry.