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Roy Orbison came from humble country beginnings to become a star, let's find out how.

Roy Orbison looked more like a school teacher than a star and yet he influenced so many - Jackson Brown, James Taylor, KD Lang, Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles. With a personal life drenched in tragedy, his is a compelling and gripping story. Leo Green traces out how Roy went from humble country beginnings, to becoming one of the most influential songwriters and singers in Pop history. As a Songwriter, Roy had an unusual and individual writing style that hadn't really been heard in pop music before; as a singer, he was also unlike anyone else - legend has it that only Roy and Enrico Caruso were the only 20th century tenors capable of hitting E over high C! Songs to include: Only The Lonely, In Dreams, Crying, Uptown, Blue Angel, It's Over, Running Scared. Mean Woman Blues, Ooby Dooby, Blue Bayou, Claudette, Pretty Woman, I Drove All Night, Love Hurts, Walk On, You Got It.

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The King of the Road, Dean's success is even more incredible when you consider what he had to go through to achieve worldwide success - it did not come easy or quickly for the man born as Dino Crocetti. After a brutally challenging upbringing, Dean didn't have the luxury of just being able to break into show business; he had to provide for his family in whatever way he could - he boxed for money, he sold lottery tickets, he worked as an illegal card dealer and croupier in unlicensed gambling joints and while all this was going on, he jumped up at nightclubs whenever he could to sing with bands and eventually joining a touring band when he was 21. Leo Green shows us that once people heard 'Dino', there was no stopping him - MCA signed him up, he was given his own Radio Show, and soon everyone in show business was knocking on his door.

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As well any number of era defining hit records, Peggy Lee was also an actress, but how many of us know that she was also a songwriter which was virtually unheard of for vocal stars of her era. She wrote I Love Being Here With You, He's A Tramp, There'll Be Another Spring and many others, as well as contributing to the lyrics of her massive hit Fever.

As one of eight children, Peggy's childhood was challenging - with an abusive alcoholic stepmother, Peggy was desperate to develop her singing career to escape home life and by 17, was on the road singing with big bands, ending up with the world famous Benny Goodman Orchestra whilst still a teenager. She went on to influence all the great voices and many of the great entertainers that followed. This is her story.

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Leo Green celebrates Julie London.