Leo Green Remembers Bobby Darin


20160328Bobby Darin was the very first artist to have more than one musical identity - to some he was a Rock 'n' Roll Star, to others he was the Smooth Swinging Crooner. Some regard him as one of the great Country singers and his Americana Protest Songs and Folk recordings remain some of the finest of the genre. He was also one of the first Artists to set up his own Record label purely to release his own, self-penned material.

Leo Green re traces the life of a performer who famously said " I'd like to be a legend by the time I'm 25". Darin suffered chronic ill health and a was part of a family tree that hid his true origins for decades The woman he thought was his mother turned out to be his Grandmother and the girl he though was his sister, was eventually revealed to be his Mother. Nobody knows who Darin's father was, but we do know that one of his Grandparents was of Italian descent and was English.

Darin's legacy includes some of greatest recordings of rock n roll, rhythm and blues, country, folk and standard and show tunes ever made and his amazing professional life became a template for everyone that followed.