Leos Janand#225;cek (1854-1928)


02Memories Of Long Ago20070515As Janacek wrestled with completing his opera Jenufa, he reached a watershed point in his career: he began to draw directly on his own experiences and bind his life to his music. Donald Macleod and John Tyrrell explore Janacek's autobiographical works.

Kantor Halfar

Moravian Teacher's Choir

Lubomir Matl (conductor)

Jenufa (excerpt from Act II)

Kostelnicka....Eva Randova (mezzo-soprano)

Jenufa....Elisabeth Soderstrom (soprano)

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Charles Mackerras (conductor)

Adagio (Amarus)

Vaclav Zitek (baritone)

Czech Philharmonic Orchestra

The Madonna of Frydek (On an Overgrown Path, Book 1)

Andras Schiff (piano)


Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

Claudio Abbado (conductor).

03Looking East20070516Like many patriotic Czechs of his time, Janacek had a great enthusiasm for exploring his Slavonic birthright and developed a sincere admiration for all things Russian. Donald Macleod asks John Tyrrell about the composer's most eastward-looking music.

Prelude (The House of the Dead)

London Sinfonietta

Charles Mackerras (conductor)


Petr Sovadina (organ)

Ludmila Solarova (harp)

Prague Philharmonic Choir

Prague Symphony Orchestra

Jiri Pinkas (conductor)

Prophecy and Death of Taras Bulba (Taras Bulba)

Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra

Rafael Kubelik (conductor)

String Quartet No 1 (Kreutzer Sonata)

Alban Berg Quartet

Glagolitic Mass (excerpt)

Eva Urbanova (soprano)

Marta Benackova (mezzo-soprano)

Vladimir Bogachov (tenor)

Richard Novak (bass)

Thomas Trotter (organ)

Slovak Philharmonic Choir

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Richard Chailly (conductor).

04Old Age20070517It took Janacek a long time to mature as a composer, and in his later life he composed a torrent of music, much of it it inspired by memories of his youth. Donald Macleod talks to biographer John Tyrrell.

The Cunning Little Vixen (Prelude and excerpt from Act 3)

Forester....Dalibor Jedlicka (bass)

Frog....Peter Saray (treble)

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Charles Mackerras (conductor)


Netherlands Wind Ensemble

Thierry Fischer (conductor)

The Makropulos Case (excerpt from Act 3)

Gregor....Robert Brubaker (tenor)

Vitek....John Graham-Hall (tenor)

Kolenaty....Neal Davies (bass-baritone)

Prus....Thomas Walker (tenor)

Marty....Cheryl Barker (soprano)

Kristina....Elena Xanthoudakis (soprano)

English National Opera Chorus and Orchestra

Charles Mackerras (conductor).

05 LASTHot Ash And Fire20070518Biographer John Tyrrell joins Donald Macleod to discuss the role Kamila Stosslova played as Janacek's bewitching muse in his last years.

The Diary of One Who Disappeared (excerpt)

Diane Atherton (soprano)

Ruby Philogene, Deryn Edwards (mezzo-soprano)

Susan Flannery (contralto)

Ian Bostridge (tenor)

Thomas Ades (piano)

Katya Kabanova (excerpt from Act 2)

Kudrjas....Zdenek Svehla (tenor)

Boris....Petr Dvorsky (tenor)

Vavara....Libuse Marova (mezzo-soprano)

Katya....Elisabeth Soderstrom (soprano)

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Charles Mackerras (conductor)

String Quartet No 2 (Intimate Letters)

Alban Berg Quartet.