Let The Rumpus Begin

All this week, Michael Rosen unmasks the subversive past of classic children's literature.


01Wild Thing1998051119980907How Maurice Sendak's drawings enraged the world's leading child psychiatrist.
02Babar The Republican1998051219980914Could it be true that the world's favourite elephant is a political animal?
03Rights Of The Child19980513Why Mary Wollstonecraft was a children's author before she was a feminist writer.
04Pictures Of Innocence1998051419980921Why illustrator George Cruikshank was a vicious satirist in his political sketches but a priggish moralist in his children's books.

Why Charles Dickens and his illustrator George Cruikshank had a bitter public row about the meaning of fairy tales.

05 LASTBows Against The Boarders1998051519980928How the late Geoffrey Trease led the struggle against prewar children's books' obsession with boarding schools and the lives of the privileged.