Genome: [r4 Bd=19690512]by Paul Woodruff adapted for radio by COLIN TUCKER


A panorama of the life of the second Roman Emperor. ranging from his innocent idealistic twenty-fourth year to his depraved disillusioned seventy-ninth year, and his fifty-third, when in a letter to the Senate he disposes of his loyal friend. Its nine scenes are arranged out of chronological order so that the effect of political and personal machinations becomes clear before their origins and motives. with Nigel Stock as the Emperor Tiberius

Produced by H. B. FORTUIN

Nigel Stock Is in 'Mixed Doubles' at the Comedy Theatre. London

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19690512] Unknown: Paul Woodruff

Unknown: Colin Tucker

Music By: John Lambert

Unknown: Nigel Stock

Produced By: H. B. Fortuin

Produced By: Nigel Stock

Seleucus, court poet: Denys Hawthorne

Hippias majordomo: John Pullen

Macro, commander of the Guard: Michael Deacon

Philosopher: John Wyse

Sejanus, Tiberius' favourite: John Bentley

Sergeant of the Bodyguard: Brian Haines

The Emperor Augustus: Peter Williams

Vipsania, Tiberius' first wife: Jan Edwards

Julia, his second wife: Kate Coleridge

Julius Antonius, her lover: David Valla

Paulus: David Brierley

Nerva, Tiberius' friend: James Thomason

Thrasyllus, court soothsayer: John Wyse

Caligula: David Valla

Piso: John Wyse

Quaestor: Frederick Treves

Regulus: Brian Haines

Cassius: Peter Williams

Priscus: David Brierley

Charicles, a doctor: Brian Haines