Letters From My Mother

Jane Sellars and Vanessa Rosenthal's warm, witty insight into a real life mother/daughter relationship in the 1970s, including actual letters and music of the time.

Mum....Kathryn Hunt Young Jane....Sally Walsh Sarah....Keeley Fawcett Conductress/Diana/ Julia/Monica/Bessie....Elianne Byrne Jane....Jane Sellars Granny....Vanessa Rosenthal


0120040308Jane is full of the excitement of university with its social life, music and fashion; her mother is more bothered about food, warm clothing and money.
0220040309Jane's mother is now very concerned about Jane's weight.

However, Jane is finding her wings and revelling in the highlight of this term, her first trip to LONDON.

0320040310Jane is in a crisis over her course, she is desperate to switch to ENGLISH.
0420040311Back at home, Sylvia is facing ever more insubordination from her younger daughters.

Jane entertains her mother with details of her summer job at a canning factory and plans for her study trip to Italy.

05 LAST20040312Jane's letters home are now more positive about her Art History course.

Sylvia catches sight of Jane's indiscreet revelations in a letter to her sister about going to bed with her boyfriend.