Letters To An Icon


20020329Authors Will Self, Bonnie Greer and Ali Smith have dramatic encounters with icons, in a series of short plays about Dorian Gray, Shakespeare's Dark Lady and Dusty Springfield.
0119990809Novelists Alice Thomas Ellis, Jane Rogers and Beryl Bainbridge address letters to their personal icons, reflecting upon the lives of St Teresa of Avila, Mary Wollstonecraft and Captain Scott.

With Kate Rutter, James Quinn and Nicholas Blane (1/2).

02 LAST19990816Writers Stan Barstow and Alan Plater address letters to their personal icons, J B Priestley and Duke Ellington, while Russell Hoban travels up a mind-river to interview his hero Lord Jim about character, destiny and fiction.

With Richard Heap, Malcolm Hebden, James Quinn and Nicholas Blane.