Life After Crime, A [Radio Scotland]


2013031920130506 (RS)In 'A Life After Crime', Ricky Ross speaks to ex-gang members and repeat offenders at different stages in their rehabilitation. And he meets the people, like Karyn McCluskey of the Violence Reduction Unit, who are trying to help them find an alternative path.

Ricky finds out what the barriers are that make it so difficult to break out of a cycle of addiction and crime, and asks what can really make a difference, challenging the experts about what works and what doesn't.

Through truthful and redemptive stories, Ricky discovers it's never too late to turn your back on a life of crime.

Crime-writer writer Louise Welsh finds out what it's like to be locked up - from the first daunting moments in police custody to prison itself. Comedian Gary Little (who's been on the wrong end of the law in his past), and former-cop-turned-writer Karen Campbell help Louise get to grips with life behind bars.