Life In Middle Age

Connie St Louis looks at health and wellbeing in middle age.


0101Are We Falling Apart?2003061020030611Connie St Louis looks at our changing bodies - are we falling apart? Greying hair, creaking joints, failing eyesight all seem to creep up on us in middle age but what causes these changes and is there anything we do to prevent them or at least reduce their impact?
0102Crisis, What Crisis?2003061720030618How do the changes in middle age affect our mental well being? Do children leaving home leave an empty nest? Is this the right time to change career and how does the change in fertility make us feel?
0103The Menopause2003062420030625Connie St Louis discovers the evolutionary reasons for the menopause, the science behind mood swings and how to avoid osteoporosis.
0104 LASTHeart And Prostate2003070120030702This edition investigates who is at risk from heart disease and also looks at different treatments for prostate cancer.