Life's Little Ironies


01The Story Of How Dan'l And Charity Hornhead Told The Story Of Tony Kyte And Milly Richards To An Handsome Young Stranger19981123Tony Kyte has promised himself in marriage to three women on the same day.

Sooner or later he has to make a choice, but will he get the one he deserves? Director Clive Brill

02To Please His Wife19981130by Laurie Graham.

Emily and Joanna both want to marry Shadrach Joliffe, recently returned from a sea voyage.

Will their jealousy destroy a perfect friendship? With Damian Lewis, Elli Garnett and Rebecca Saire.

Director Clive Brill

03The Tragedy Of Two Ambitions19981207By Jane Rogers.

As two young men struggle to emerge from the humblest of origins, their father threatens to destroy everything they have worked for.

04An Imaginative Woman19981116By Eric Pringle.

Ella Marchmill longs to meet the poet she has always most admired, and the more elusive he remains, the more ardent her desire grows.

With Amanda Root, Sean Baker and Shirley Dixon.

Director Clive Brill