Life With Lisa

By Sybil Burr.

In 1958, 12 year old Lisa starts keeping a diary in the hope 'The Schools' might read it in the future, and she might become a success in life, like 'Samuel Peeps'.

Dramatised in five episodes.


  • angel....betsy - may smith
  • angel....betsy- may smith
  • angel....betsy-may smith
  • bobbin....greg prentice
  • directed by - Janet Whitaker
  • dramatised by - Katie Hims
  • egg....Daniel Anthony
  • grandma....carolyn jones
  • grandpa....Bruce Purchase
  • herk....Ben Crowe
  • lisa....victoria o'donnell
  • marge....Alison Pettitt
  • miss carter....carolyn jones
  • mother....Liza Sadovy
  • mrs jevons....Frances Jeater
  • mrs salter....carolyn jones wendy salter....Soumaya Keynes herk....Ben Crowe
  • teacher....andrew harrison
  • the regular....shirley dixon
  • vicky....samantha robinson
  • william....tom kennedy
  • 0220030909Lisa's diary for ' The Schools' records her visit to 'The Regular' and to her surprise one of her party problems is solved.
    032003091012 year old Lisa is sent to live with waitress Marge's family, the Jeavons' and thinks they all hate each other.
    0420030911Lisa still hasn't got a present for the party, and Herk comes to the rescue.
    05 LAST20030912Lisa finally tells 'the schools' about the party at Wendy Salters, and what happened afterwards.