Life With Queen Victoria


Genome: [r4 Bd=19690522]Marie Mallet 's letters from Court, 1887-1901 edited by Sir VICTOR MALLET. G.C.M.G., c.v.o., who introduces and closes the programme with CeHa Johnson as Marie Mallet

Compiled and written by THEA HOLME

Produced by DAVID DAVIS

Sir Victor Mallet , one of Queen Victoria's many Kodchildren. after serving in the Army 1914-18, entered the Diplomatic Service: he was Embassy Counsellor at Washington 1836-39, and thereafter Minister at Stockholm for the rest of World War II, Ambassador at Madrid, and then at Rome, uatil be retired in 1954. His account of life at Court in the later years of Queen Victoria is based en the letters of his mother, Marie Adeane , and on family papers.

Genome: [r4 Bd=19690522] Unknown: Marie Mallet

Edited By: Sir Victor Mallet.

Unknown: Ceha Johnson

Produced By: David Davis

Produced By: Sir Victor Mallet

Unknown: Marie Adeane

Queen Victoria: Thea Holmk

Bernard Mallet: Godfrey Kenton

Narrator: John Richmond