A Light In The Hills


01A Mother-in-law Story2002081920030727by Sian James.

Alex is surprised to discover that her mother-in-law isn't as bad as she seems.

Read by Melanie Walters

02Theresa's World2002082020030803Celia Bryce.

Theresa is called `special' and treated like a child by adults, but she has hidden strengths to reveal.

Read by Iestyn Jones.

03Last Night2002082120030810Tessa Hadley.

Gemma gets a part in a production of `Twelfth Night', where she learns her first lesson in love.

Read by Siriol Jenkins

04Roots2002082220030817by Nia Williams.

After Craig's funeral, his wife must decide what to do about the garden.

She also has to face up to her own part in his death.

Read by Sharon Morgan.

05 LASTTree Line2002082320030824by Gee Williams.

Matthew is a man of God, but finds his pastoral duties difficult during the hot summer.

He likes to escape to his nearest mountain.